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Before working with Harriet I struggled with many different issues. I lacked confidence. I dealt with anxiety at work and in social situations. I had an intense fear of failure which stopped me from trying something new and from putting myself out there. I found it difficult to start/complete everyday tasks. I was constantly frustrated with myself because I did not understand why I was like this.

I questioned myself a lot and I overthought everything. My perfectionist and inner critic were overwhelmingly strong. I felt sad and drained. It felt like I wasn’t ever going to stop feeling this way.

A big turning point for me was when I started to feel much more comfortable in my day to day life. I stopped stressing so much at work. It was a huge relief to me because I had the habit to overthink the smallest mistakes and I found that that was no longer happening, I used to be nervous about making phone calls and suddenly I had no issues with this.

My overthinking quietened immensely. I am able to do things for myself now. I think Harriet helped me in a big way. She listened to my struggles and I felt like she really understood what I was going through. She encouraged me to dig deep and look further into why I was feeling the way I did, and to think about what I could do to help myself.

She helped me to see that only I could stop myself feeling the way I did. She showed me that I could be the person she knew, and who I knew, I really was.

There have been a lot of big changes in my life since I started working with Harriet. I am much more confident than I was. My inner critic is not as strong as it was once was. I can think more clearly and kindly about myself because of this. I have found myself having the urge to try and experience new things, which at one point was practically non-existent.

I have started exercising, making proper meals and over all taking better care of myself. I didn’t think this was ever possible! I feel like I can do much more. Study and career opportunities seem much more attainable now, when before it overwhelmed me to even think about them.

Setting out on my own is something I have been too afraid to do, but now I feel like it can happen. I’m more confident and I’m excited to see what that confidence will do for me. I’m very happy working with Harriet and I look forward to seeing what other exciting changes our work together will bring forth.

Rachel (24)

Budding Entrepreneur


I came to Harriet when I was starting to recover from a painful relationship breakup, which was really affecting my day to day life.

Working with Harriet, I talked about my difficult childhood and for the first time, began to see clearly how it had shaped my behaviours in my present day.

I now see a clear picture of my life journey and as a result of our work together, I’m implementing changes, little by little, saying “No” when I mean “No”, finding my voice, how to take time for me. This turn around has come quickly - it’s powerful stuff.

While I initially attended therapy regarding relationship and how it was holding me back in many areas of my life, Harriet has helped me explore the deeper reasons for my behaviours and habits - which is a learning for life.

I am looking forward to continuing with this therapy work which while sometimes feels difficult, is extremely rewarding.

Martha (54)

Retired Businesswoman


Before I began to work with Harriet I was desperately unhappy and, as hard as I tried, couldn’t find the source of all the pain and increasing apathy towards being alive. I came to our sessions armed with a hundred different narratives to explain how I had gotten to where I was…and she gently but firmly refused to play along.  Slowly, with great faith and fortitude, she has turned me towards the root of my struggle.

Areas of my life that were locked have sprung open, one by one, so sweetly and easily that it nearly escapes my notice.  Boundaries I hadn’t realized I needed now shakily hold. Crutches I had felt to be the only form of good are no longer all that very tempting.  Worldly tasks that overwhelmed to incapacity are now stressful but possible.

And sometimes when I wake in the mornings there is quiet in my head rather than that heavy fog so constant and complete that I had accepted it as one does air or gravity, and would have politely laughed if someone had named it for what it was—a vicious litany of self-abuse. Sometimes I wake and rush to look out at the world because I’ve missed it while I’ve been asleep.

I can’t pretend to understand what goes on in the space between two people.  What is clear to me is that Harriet takes her role as seriously as a calling—she does not do it by halves—and that she is truly gifted in reading body language, often understanding what I mean even when my words scream the opposite.

Most importantly, she is well within herself. She is a perfectly flawed human-being, just as I am, but she continuously does her own work and this keeps me safe and gives me a bright, shining example to look on to.

What can be said of the person that has guided one towards freedom? Gratitude couldn’t begin to cover it.

Fortunate are those who cross her path.  She will do her best by you as she has done by me.

Gwen (28)



I believe that I was very lost in myself and was dealing with a lot of unconscious trauma that had accumulated from an early age. This has the effect of hindering me understanding my emotions and feelings, and even understanding myself.

It led me to believe that I wasn't good enough and that I was inferior in ways to others. This of course took a leading role in many of the relationships that I entered into, whether it was work, parental or romantic relationships. I was frustrated with why I felt so inferior and so unable to cope with the people in my life and it caused me anxiety and stress because I couldn't comprehend what had made me feel the way I did.

It really took its toll on me until the point where I decided enough was enough. That is when I started working with Harriet. My outlook is so different now.

For many years, I dealt with so much hidden and subconscious narcissistic abuse and neglect and would have questioned why I would feel so bad or why am I being punished for doing nothing wrong.

When I would look for answers, it was always thrown back at me and was never given the answers or support throughout life and I felt more of a hindrance to the people who were supposed to care about me. The biggest relief was when Harriet and I started working together, and it was such an eye-opening time for me. It was the first time in my life, where I had an answer to my questions, to have a label on the issues that lived with me for many years and most importantly the feeling that "it wasn't me".

It was through the hours of talking with Harriet and learning from her wealth of knowledge and experience that I began to fill with light again, a weight lifted from my shoulders. Harriet has a wonderful way with people and I felt immediately at ease and with each session, I could feel the support and encouragement from her and for the first time, I felt important and was being listened to.

She created a comfortable safe space for me, a place to vent, a place to express myself and my emotions and to just be myself. I have found every session hugely beneficial and leave every session with a sense of joy and hope for the coming week. It also has impacted on my daily life.

Returning to work and home life with the relationships I once struggled with, now seem to be a much smaller problem and have learnt great coping skills from Harriet. An absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you.

Personally, I have found our work together has positively impacted me. I can see the huge changes from the first time we spoke to the person I'm growing into today. I used to feel unsure of everything I did, and felt like I was just going through the motions of life, but I learnt that isn't the way it was, and I know am taking control of my life and making positive changes and making myself a much happier person.

I know now so much of what I felt wasn't my fault, and that alone, is a powerful tool in driving me forward now. My horizon is much clearer now. Instead of being muddled up like before, I have clarity on what I want to do and where I want to go with my life. I intend to progress in my career, where I once felt I couldn't. I also know what I deserve and need from the relationships with the people around me.

I now look forward to exploring new adventures with the skills and knowledge that Harriet has so subtly yet wonderfully given to me. I appreciate everything your doing for me and with me. Thank you.



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