Connecting together through floor-time


Another useful tool you could explore along your journey as a Mindful Parent is floor time –your child could love when you actively play with him/her.

You could put on the alarm on your phone and possibly play with him/her for 30 to 45 minutes even once per week. I encourage you to allow your child to lead the play and tell you what toy or toys to play with.

He/She is in charge of where the toys are positioned and what he/she wants the toys to say! It could be a huge gift for your child to have this uninterrupted contact with you. You could help heighten his/her self-esteem; you could possibly be of support in regulating and understanding his/her emotions.

He/she could process how he/she makes sense of the world through this special time of 1:1 play. If struggling in any way he/she may learn how to truly play through your guidance.

You could see that after the 45 minutes of giving  your time he/she may very well continue to use his/her imagination with siblings.

Play is not a luxury for your child it is an absolute necessity.  

Play is good for you too!!

If you have more than one child you can all play floor time together and the children can take turns with who is in charge.

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