Harriet’s way of working…

Every Gestalt Therapist will work in their unique way and I work in a ‘Harriet’ way – combining my personal /work history, my studies and my passion for children/inner child work. I believe what is very  important for the client is that he feels mostly understood by me. The issues the client could present with could be depression- they could feel that this is weighing them down and stopping them from pursuing their dreams/life purpose. The client could be needing support in accepting themselves after having had a history of complex trauma and abuse as a child/adult. Another client may not even know the names of different emotions. So in supporting them to understand I may hand them out a sheet on all the different emotions one can possibly feel!  Some of my work can be psycho educational. For example I may be supporting the client to turn their phone off at bedtime. We look together at what isn’t working in their life. Maybe the client is starting their day at 1pm so I may encourage them to experiment with starting the day a little earlier!

Due to this the client may feel that they are out of sync with themselves.

You have an:

intellectual self,

emotional self,

spiritual self

and physical self.

Sometimes you give your intellectual self much more weight and value than your emotional, spiritual and physical self.

I believe it is exhausting for your intellect to have to do everything!

You need ‘time out’ and in today’s society of smart phones and tablet devices I believe your ‘hard working’ intellect can feel attacked & often exhausted.

I invite you to experiment with meditation and possibly try out therapy……….

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