I’m a eclectic mix!! :-)

I feel I have an eclectic background that supports me in  being as present as possible to my client.
I have a BA in Tourism Studies which after completing- motivated me to work in Aer Lingus as Cabin Crew.
During this time I worked as a volunteer with the ISPCC (Irish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children) From there on in I returned to study as a mature student to pursue a Graduate Diploma in Montessori Education in St. Nicholas Montessori College, Ireland. The Maria Montessori Philosophy of

‘Help me to Help Myself’

continues to inspire me. Since my studies I have spent over 10 years working with children in different roles

I have worked as a Special Class Teacher, Resource Teacher, Child Development Specialist, lead a Special Needs Playgroup  and spent 2 years working as a Nanny in Sydney, Australia. My work as a Special Class Teacher, in an Inner City School in Dublin inspired me to become interested in Psychotherapy.
I believed I had these bright children in front of me who were struggling in the main stream class room. They were struggling with me too at the start, they were struggling with their teachers, assistants, friends and families.

What was missing in their lives were safe boundaries, unconditional love, strong role modelling and compassion. In my opinion they needed this first before the academic support. So we started to get to know each other, we danced (lots of times to Hakuna Matata from the Lion King), played together, devised strategies about how they could change their behaviour (like counting to 10 and taking deep breaths instead of punching another child in the school yard)
Their old behaviours were alienating them in the classroom, the school yard and even in their homes. Their new behaviours were including them in the classroom, the schoolyard and even in their homes! Whatever I was doing was starting to work. I wanted to learn more and experience more of what they needed.

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So along came 2004 where I started out by completing the Hoffman Quadrinity Process a 10 day workshop in attempting to start to heal my own inner child and connect with my spiritual self. This was the start of my new path! I believe that the more I keep learning to love myself the more available and inspiring I am to my clients. After the Hoffman Quadrinity Process in 2004 off I globetrotted with my boyfriend who is now my husband. During my travels I pursued more studies. I started  training as a Gestalt Therapist in Sydney Australia. I have spent 8 years in total training as a psychotherapist – Gestalt Therapy is an experiential way of doing therapy – it has been described as ‘doing’ rather than ‘talking about’.

My hunch is that my biggest gift as a therapist and public speaker is my dedication to working on having some self compassion for myself & others, endeavouring to live mindfully, practicing  Meditation and my continuous commitment to personal &  group therapy. This supports me somewhat  in my contact with my clients. Once  I keep figuring out what supports my wellbeing I believe that I am a much more trustworthy therapist to come to for support.



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