Can you allow a therapist support you?

Is this relatable?

You will never sit or be drawn to seeing a therapist.

You may find your self in therapy as a last resort because you have exhausted all other options short of ‘tearing your hair out’.

Maybe you feel that you don’t need a therapist- ‘cos you come under the category that has had ‘a good enough’ start and you have enough resilience to manage  life’s challenges.

You may well  have had extremely loving parents however are  sensitive and find it hard to keep boundaries and struggle with separating your pain from others.

This at times leads to lack of motivation for your own life.

Are you aware of the importance of making time for your wellness and self care?

It’s great that you find your 12 step programme or yoga practice  supportive and helpful.

Or do you fall into the category that keeps going with the help of  alcohol, shopping, recreational drugs, work, promiscuity, excessive cosmetic surgery etc. ?

You do this in the hope that it will anaesthetise your pain.

Some of you often think about going to a therapist but you feel a bit ‘scared shitless’  about what to expect!!



You may feel an entitlement in asking yourself the question –

‘Why am I the one that has to go to therapy??

I’m not paying for therapy so instead you spend your money/time on other priorities.


You continue to feel disappointed with the myriad of challenges in your life.

Maybe you live in complete denial!!

This is your coping strategy.

As a baby you had absolutely no control about the conditions that you were born into – your mother struggling with post natal depression,  family financial uncertainty, being adopted, alcoholism, suicide, being born sensitive, bereavement of a sibling…

When you were younger how you survived was by ‘beating and blaming yourself’ because you didn’t know how else to manage your trauma or sensitivity towards the world.

Maybe you had a significant adult – be that a parent, grand parent or teacher who believed in you!

What would they think about you seeking therapeutic support?

They may feel sad that you are struggling so much?


Do you struggle with procrastination, low sense of worth, lack motivation, are a chronic people pleaser, struggle with becoming interested in YOUR own life in general??

Are you often more caught up with other people’s business rather than your own?

Do you even know what IS your business or where to even start??

Maybe you have started exploring and have lots of self help books, practice meditation, practice yoga and gardening and yet there is still something you feel that you need.

How about sitting with a caring other who will patiently help you unravel your life story and help you to make sense of your place in your world.

Maybe you will gradually learn to love yourself in a way  you never imagined possible.

Without the correct supports your search outside has led to unsuitable friends and partners. This all stems from your need for approval and  love.

You’ve just been looking in the wrong places.

Is that jealous friend nourishing you? Or do you always leave the interaction feeling ‘less than’ and deflated?

Why are you continuously drawn to aggressive partners?

It is not your fault that they behave the way they did or do.

Could you even imagine putting ‘safe measures’ in place and one day even LEAVING!!!

You deserve more serenity in your life instead of all this chaos and ill will around you and toward you?

Are you willing to doggedly persist in pursuing your birth right to serenity?

You are entitled to more happiness!!

Do you believe that’s even possible?

What kind of life would you carve out for yourself?

Close your eyes and imagine it…

Supports are waiting for you…


For many years I have been working with clients online and face to face.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Until then,


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